Ekki Mukk

Sigur Ros will be releasing their new album Valtari later this month. Here is a song from it called Ekki Mukk. If you have ever heard Sigur Ros before you know that you need to listen to the entire song. It becomes a thing of beauty. Especially around 2:30 and on. Even as I type that I want to delete it. The whole thing is amazing.


Best Albums of 2010

Is it too late to post the best albums of 2010? Yeah, I think so too… Oh well. Get over it because here they are IN ORDER:

1.) Alter Bridge (III):

The best album of the year. Pure awesomeness. They have the best lead guitarist and the best lead vocalist in rock right now and they just happen to be writing the best music also. The album has some unbelievable messages. If you are religious (especially Christian/Catholic) then you can get so much spiritual meaning out of this album. It speaks of falling into sin, out of sanctifying grace and into despair with a hint of promise at the end of it all. It has a very strong realistic point of view. I haven’t heard a stronger first three tracks (Slip to the Void, Isolation and Ghost of Days Gone By) since U2’s The Joshua Tree. I’m thinking about writing a post boiling down the meanings of all the songs.

2.) Jonsi (Go):

What an album. I can’t wait to listen to this cd in the springtime and summer. He is the lead singer from Sigur Ros and his solo album is such a breath of fresh air in this world of cookie cutter music. It’ extremely difficult to describe the music. If it was a cocktail it would be a mixture of Enya, Moby, Keane, Bach and ome “Alien” (if an alien came down and sang you a song). Such an awesome cd. You have to trust me on this one. I’m not wrong often…

3.) Ryan Star (11:59):

I’ve been raving about this cd for a long time and it didn’t let me down at all. The songs are as solid as can be. It’s amazing. Can’t wait to hear what his new album will be like (maybe 2012?).

Honorable Mention.) Ray Lamontagne (God Willin and the Creek Don’t Rise):

Ray is as good as ever in this release. On par with his other two cd’s which is saying a lot.