Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up

1. Second season of The Walking Dead. This show is so good.

2. Comic Book Men on AMC. Brings me back to when I collected comics.

3. The Shamrock Shake at McDonald’s. It like Kemp’s Frosty Trees as a shake.

4. Season 2 of The Killing (also on AMC) starting up first week of April.

5. The IPad 3 (or whatever they call it – the new iPad… iPad… Who knows). It is beyond words how awesome this device is.

6. Matthew Perryman Jones. More on him soon. He is such an amazing singer and songwriter.

7. Keane’s new album coming out in May. From the sound of it, it’s a return to the sound of their first album… Which is a very good thing.

8. Reading Cardinal Newman’s sermons during Lent. What a great mind with such an insight into the human condition.

Thumbs Down

1. The warm weather means that I can’t wear sweaters anymore which in turn means that I have to iron my dress shirts. I love wearing a wrinkled shirt under a sweater hat no one will see…

2. The upcoming bug infested spring and summer due to not having a winter this year.

3. The talent on American Idol this season. I guess I’m rooting for Phillip Phillips… Hey June you need to go soon…