Some Christmas Choices

Here are some worthwhile Christmas selections for you to watch and listen to:

First up we have Ray Lamontagne doing a exceptional cover of Ray Charles song “That Spirit of Christmas”. You might remember the song from Christmas Vacation (Chevy Chase). Close your eyes at the 3 minute mark… O’Bama and his wife are shown…

Next we have David Foster doing his version of “Carol of the Bells” in the live concert he did with Andrea Bocelli. Check it out on PBS. It’s excellent!

Next is another selection from that same concert. This time Andrea is singing with the Muppets. Yep, the Muppets. And it’s awesome. “Jingle Bells”.

Here is Sarah McLachlan singing “O Little Town of Bethleham”. A superb version…

Bing Crosby and David Bowie doing “Little Drummer Boy”. One of the best versions of this song:

Now for Josh Groban singing “O Holy Night”. What a version… wow.