Stains the Dog

Yeah, that’s what some owner named their dog: Stains. Good choice. Try consulting with the dog next time before you materialize your bright idea.

Watch this video. It’s of Stains (the dog) who has unbelievable self control. It’s EPIC. I’ve never seen anything like this before. You will be astounded. It has self control to the point where it’s creepy. No other word for it.

I do have one other to say: Somebody give the dog a freakin’ cupcake!


Snuggie Cult Beware!

Have you all seen this infomercial for “The Snuggie”? If you haven’t click on the link below. It looks like a blanket that the Klopecks would wear from the movie The Burbs. Do people really buy these?! There should be a warning for the red one saying “Caution: Wearing this red snuggie will make you look like a Satanist”.  Buy a stinking bathrobe or a sweater for crying out loud…

Check this guy out in the picture below. What do you think he’s eating right there? Goat-flavored popcorn balls? That’s where my money’s at… And what do you think he’s watching on tv? Yep, Slayer in concert…

I’m off to watch the Burbs. “Ray, sleep tight”. One more thing, yes, I’m filing this post under the “Spooks” category for obvious reasons!

Cult snacks! by davitydave.

Maitreya: Beware!

Keep your eyes to the skies!!! This may just be another of a long line of stories that could be labeled “hogwash” or “balderdash” but… recently there was a report from the Wall Street Journal that a “Christmas Miracle” would occur and that the “Maitreya” was behind it all. We’ll see what happens. Until then I won’t lose any sleep over it. I once taught a class on the End Times (about 10 years ago) and researched a lot on the Maitreya and Benjamin Creme. To see that this may happen is very interesting… Constance Cumby (author of one of the first anti-new age movement books “The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow”) reported on this and shared her views on her blog ( Here is what it said:

THIS JUST IN!! THE WALL STREET JOURNAL PUBLISHED THE SHARE INTERNATIONAL (BENJAMIN CREME – ‘MAITREYA THE CHRIST’) ANNOUNCEMENT THAT HE WILL BE ‘EMERGING’ AND DOING A MAJOR USA TELEVISION INTERVIEW IN THE USA ‘SHORTLY AFTER CHRISTMAS.’ Talk about ‘the grinch who stole Christmas! The financial collapse seems tailor made for desperate people to fall for these anti-Christ lies. That the Wall Street Journal would lend credence by labeling it a “Christmas Miracle” is astounding. Here is the text of the Share International Press Release:


LOS ANGELES, Dec 12, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — For years the world has been filled with miracles of all kinds. In April 1995 Time magazine devoted an eight-page spread to its cover story on miracles and concluded: “People are hungry for signs.”
Look now for the biggest miracle of all. In the very near future a large, bright star will appear in the sky visible to all throughout the world — night and day.
Unbelievable? Fantasy? No, a simple fact. Around a week later, Maitreya, the World Teacher for all humanity, will begin his open emergence and — though not yet using the name Maitreya — will be interviewed on a major US television program.
In 1988, CNN and other media reported on Maitreya’s miraculous appearance to 6,000 people in Nairobi, Kenya, on Saturday, June 11. A week before the event, a remarkable sign occurred: “On Saturday 4 June a big, bright star was sighted, unusually brighter than ordinary stars,” reported Kenya Times editor Job Mutungi.
For over 30 years, artist, author and lecturer Benjamin Creme has been preparing the way for the emergence of Maitreya and his group, the Masters of Wisdom. In May 1982, Creme revealed at a packed press conference in Los Angeles that Maitreya had been living in the Asian community of London since July 19, 1977.
Awaited by all faiths under different names, Maitreya is the Christ to Christians, the Imam Mahdi to Muslims, Krishna to Hindus, the Messiah to Jews, and Maitreya Buddha to Buddhists. He is the World Teacher for all, religious or not, an educator in the broadest sense.
As a modern man concerned with today’s problems, Maitreya works behind the scenes of our changing world. The outpouring of his extraordinary energy has been the stimulus for dramatic developments on many fronts: the ending of the cold war; the break-up of the Soviet Union; the reunification of Germany; the ending of apartheid in South Africa; the growing power of the people’s voice, leading to demands for freedom and justice; and the worldwide focus on preserving the environment.
Maitreya’s message can be summarized as “share and save the world”. He will seek to inspire humanity to see itself as one family, and to create world peace through sharing, economic justice and global cooperation.
With Maitreya and his group working openly in the world, humanity is assured not only of survival but of the creation of a brilliant new civilization.
SOURCE Share International

Folks, this might be their move — the one that was frustrated in 1982 – for real! Stay strong, stay in the Lord, and stay skeptical about Creme’s / Betraya-Maitreya (whoever he turns out to be and you know my suspicions) probable “solution” to our economic problems. Could this be ‘the hour of temptation to come upon all that dwell on the face of the Earth?” For the record: There is no Christ but Jesus. Once again, the pushers of the anti-christ are out and about, as when they ran those full page ads in 1982 proclaiming “The Christ is now here.” Benjamin Creme did not come up with his London story until 5 days after a WRIF-Detroit radio debate he was not expecting with me was held. The newspaper ad campaign in 1982 cost upwards of $500,000.00. Nobody spends that type of money without very serious intent: but “Christ” and/or “Messiah”, it clearly is not. Be very careful with this bunch. I personally witnessed a large Detroit audience of hundreds of relatively sophisticated and even wealthy people go under Benjamin Creme’s spell when he was promoting this same “Christ” in 1981. Only upon witnessing that did I have any notion as to how Hitler had pulled off his bewitching of the German public: mass hypnosis!

Must Have’s – Must Do’s for this Fall

1. Watch “Garfield’s Halloween Adventure”: Especially for the Old Man at the end who is one of the scariest freaks I’ve ever seen (You know what I’m talking about).



2. Read “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving: No, watching the stupid movie with Johnny Depp doesn’t count… READ the Legend. It’s one of the best things you’ll read. Irving is arguably one of the best American authours ever. Priceless material.


3. Eat and Drink Pumpkin!!! During this time of year it seems that the pumpkin flavor is all around. Coffee, pie, muffins, donuts, cheesecake, bread, etc. One thing though… note this well… If you are going to have some pumpkin pie PLEASE do not refer to it as a “good slab of pie”. That phrase should be stricken from all languages for all time.

4. Read some tales by Edgar Allan Poe (The Master). Never mind all of those movies like Saw 15 and Hostel 9. Sit and read Poe… Do it… If you can’t handle reading it then either listen to Christopher Walken reading “The Raven” or Vincent Price telling the “Tell Tale Heart”:

Tell Tale Heart (Part 1)

Tell Tale Heart (Part 2):

The Raven:

5. Carve a Pumpkin, Go on a Hayride, Go for a Foliage Ride, Go Trick or Treating, Visit a Haunted House, Rake Leaves and Jump in Them, etc. The old school fun…

6. Listen to some Zeppelin: Specifically listen to “That’s The Way” and “Ramble On”:

That’s The Way (Live):

Ramble On (Studio):

7. Watch It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown: Classic… Can’t not watch…

8. Watch some of the old Christoper Lee Dracula movies:

9. Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas: Great Stop Animation by Tim Burton:

the nightmare before christmas by I'mInTheMiddleWithJoeJonasCrashingAndFalling.