Audrey Assad

Audrey Assad is a Catholic voice in the world of CCM (Contemporary Christian Music). Her new CD, “The House You’re Building” has just been released by Sparrow records. She reminds me of Brooke Fraser, another solid CCM artist.

Here are some excerpts from something she wrote for Speaking of Faith: (

“To this convert, the Catholic Church presented herself as the answer to many questions that had plagued and rattled me for decades; I wrestled as a Protestant with why, like Bono, I still hadn’t found what I was looking for. I set off on a journey to discover the truth and, to my shock and great delight, discovered that Rome was indeed “home.”

“I find it beautiful about Catholicism that worship, in her way, is not so much an experience as it is an act of the will; yes, the senses are engaged by the sweet, thick smell of incense at the alter, the soft flickering of candles, the otherworldly melodies of chant; but ultimately, as a Catholic, I go to Mass to worship — to give Jesus the honor and glory He is worthy of; I go to Mass because I love Him.”

“I love Pope Benedict XVI particularly because it is the Church’s very historicity that he symbolizes. He stands, unmoved, against the tides of post-modernism and materialism that ravage the West”

“Many despise his unwillingness to budge from a traditional, conservative position. I, on the other hand, rejoice in it. The Church doesn’t need a babysitter or a mentor to sit in the seat of Peter; she needs a man with principles, a man of conviction. Pope Benedict XVI is “being” that for us. Americans in particular, I think (and I am obviously speaking as one), have issues with entitlement. We don’t want rules and regulations; we want a pat on the back or the license to do as we please. Thankfully, Benedict is refusing to acquiesce, which in itself reveals his great respect for the dignity of man. He will not water down the message of Christ for the sake of seeker friendliness.”

Listen to “Show Me” below:

If you like what you hear then look up her song “Restless” on youtube (lyrics tie in closely to St. Augustine’s Confessions)


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