Ryan Star – Album News

Ryan Star’s album 11:59 is coming out on August 3rd. The track listing has been released at Amazon. It is as follows:

1. Brand New Day
2. Right Now
3. Last Train Home
4. Breathe
5. We Might Fall
6. This Could Be The Year
7. Unbreak
8. Start A Fire
9. Losing Your Memory
10. 11:59

I have heard every song on this album and I can say definitively that you are lacking sensibility if you decide not to buy this album. I am COMPLETELY sold on 9 out of the 10 songs. The only song that I’m not sold on is Start a Fire. It’s not that it’s not good MUSICALLY (because it is… it’s extremely catchy), it’s that I don’t like some of the lyrics in it. That being said, how many albums come out where 90% of it is mind blowing? NOT MANY… but this is one of them!