JR Richards : A Beautiful End

People who know me (or who have gone to my message board) know that Dishwalla’s album “Opaline” is one of my favorite albums of all time. The album is crazy good. It never gets old. Every song is extremely good. It’s one of those albums that “take you somewhere”. Somewhere you want to go. I take that trip often.

I can hear it… “Is he posting AGAIN about that guy from Dishwalla?! Talk about obsessed! Find something else to post about”… I don’t care. I will post on him. Now and in the future. Why? Because right now as I am typing this people who can’t sing are in the limelight and being treated like they are the most talented individuals in the world. They are the subject of conversation by people who “know about music”. Well guess what? They don’t know about music. It is a crying shame that people who have REAL talent and music in their lifeblood are not getting the proper props (no, it’s not redundant). They are performing in local clubs getting paid scraps. They have two or three jobs in addition to gigs. A lot of them are still happy because they get to do the one thing that they truly love – perform music for people. They cut an album hoping that they will get enough money back from it to cover the costs of making it. They don’t have to lip synch like others who can’t perform live if their lives depended on it. They don’t get to have a 3D movie at IMAX of themselves in concert. They don’t have a trillion screaming teenie boppers crying and cheering for them.

Case in point: years back I went to a concert with one of my good friends to see Dishwalla right after they came out with Opaline. Were they the major act? Nope. Guess who was? Remember that song “This is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world…”? Yep. The band Nine Days who had a hit for nine days was the band that Dishwalla OPENED UP FOR.

Compare for yourselves these two live versions of both bands and you tell me who is more talented and who should have been the headliner:

I give you Nine Days:

And I give you Dishwalla:

What a freaking joke. That night Dishwalla was unreal. JR was amazing. He gave a performance that was vocally perfect. They played for maybe 50 minutes. Then Nine Days came on stage and stunk it up for about 2 hours. Sickening.

Well, the lead singer (JR Richards – one of the greatest vocalists of all time) has taken a break from Dishwalla and has been working on his solo album for a couple years. The album, titled “A Beautiful End” will be released on May 12th. On his myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/vocaltrix) there are now two snippets of songs on it. The songs are “A Beautiful End” and “Ghost of Sorrow”. Both of those songs are incredible (from the 1 minute that I’ve heard), especially “Ghost of Sorrow” which is “chill giving”. I have a feeling that this album will be my favorite of the year. Yes, ever better than the U2 (or should I have said “even better than the real thing”?) album. I think it will be better than Ryan Star’s and Daughtry’s albums also.

Here is the album cover and buy it on iTunes or order it from his website (http://jrrichardsmusic.com/) which is under construction for the new release and support a true musician!



4 thoughts on “JR Richards : A Beautiful End

  1. That’s right! It was Carthage College. I was trying to remember where it was. They killed it. College students were walking out after with their skulls looking like Ghost Rider!

  2. Love to hear others post about how Opaline is one of the best albums of all time. I agree wholeheartedly. You understand!!!!! I’m flying from Hawaii to San Francisco to catch his live performance at the Red Devil Lounge on June 3, I can’t wait!!!!!

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