Few Things of Note

Couple tidbits I’d like to throw at you:

1.) Premise of Terry Goodkinds new book out later this year (from his website’s forum): It sounds pretty interesting… Keep in mind that this was posted on April 1st though. Who knows if it’s accurate.

“a man fears he’s going insane on his 27th birthday because on that birthday his mother went insane and was committed to an institution. Now it’s his 27th birthday, and wildly strange things are starting to happen, beginning with a warning from his mother: “They watch you through mirrors…””

2.) Lifehouse update from their offical webpage blog. They are in the studio and they worked with Daughtry. Daughtry and Lifehouse together… very cool…

“It’s been kind of slow as far as news goes, but we have been working on the new record since November and it’s really starting to shape up.  We decided to once again co produce it with Jude Cole and so far we are really happy with the tunes, we would say it is about 50% done. We have our own brand new Studio that we have been recording in and we are really happy there.  The chemistry and productiveness are at a 10 so we are expecting an incredible record.  We were even privileged  to have guests such as Chris Daughtry come into our stude and work with us.  It’s been exciting.  This summer the real action will start as we will be back on the road with a new record for you to listen to, hopefully sometime around June/July. ”

3.) A funny commercial for Guitar Hero starring some college basketball coaches and Metallica:


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