Other Lives

This is a “new” band that was once called Kunek. Very cool music. It’s  “folk” meets “classical” meets “atmospheric”. Not as folk as Fleet Foxes though. Atmospheric like Radiohead at times but not as rock-based.

Mellow stuff that is a mood setter. The music that would go perfect with a scene of you driving your car slowly on a summers dusk. You can see fog and trees. A little fear. A trace of tranquilty and belonging at the same time.

Check them out: http://www.myspace.com/otherlives

Good review of thier album (not in depth enough but a taste nonetheless): http://www.hearya.com/2009/02/17/other-lives-the-first-big-surprise-of-2009-album-review-sxsw-2009/


One thought on “Other Lives

  1. this “sounds” interesting. i’m mostly listening to the blues and a little bit of surf guitar stuff lately.

    looking forward to some more baseball posts. i’m moving next to cellular field so i plan to keep up with it this summer.

    any news on the sherlock holmes movie?

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