Scott Macintyre – American Idol

Top 13 Week: Tonight’s theme is Michael Jackson songs.

Not a fan of this theme. Don’t get me wrong, I like MJ’s old stuff just like everybody else does but I don’t think it’s a good choice for American Idol.







This season I’m hoping Scott Macintyre (in the picture above) goes far. People refer to him as the “blind contestant” or “the guy who’s blind” (Appropriately so I guess… though he does have a name). Do I think he has the greatest voice? Nope. I think he has a good voice that can “go astray” at times. So why am I rooting for him? He is extremely likeable. He (as far as I can tell) is “one of the good guys” who seems very humble, down to earth and “real”. I like to root for people like that.

What should he sing for tonight’s theme of Michael Jackson?

Considering the fact that he’s an amazing piano player, it will have to be a song that lends itself to that. Here are my top 3 choices for him:

1. “The Girl is Mine” (This is the one he should choose from the Thriller album with Paul McCartney on vocals)

2. “Someone in the Dark” (Good song – but is it too closely related to the whole “blindness” thing?)

3. “Ben” (too much of a classic?)

I hope you do well tonight Scott. Vote for him!


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