Boston Celtics beat Cleveland Cavaliers 3/7/09

Did you watch this game last night?! It was on ESPN so if you didn’t SHAME ON YOU. The Celtics won 105-94. They won WITHOUT Kevin Garnett. This was honestly the worst officiated game I’ve ever seen. Look at the stats:

Free Throws:    Cleveland: 38  Boston: 12            Abomination!

I can hear some of you saying…”Well that’s because Boston didn’t take it to the rim. They only shot outside while Cleveland was more aggressive.” BULL! Let’s look at some more stats:

Points IN THE PAINT:           Boston: 58   Cleveland: 22

What about “King” Lebron? He was SHUT DOWN. 5-15 from the field. 4 turnovers. His 21 points were basically made up of foul shots (and we’ve already gone there!)… 9 of them.

Am I afraid of Cleveland knocking off Boston this year in the playoffs? Yes, I am. I’m not a homer to the point I can’t see things straight. But I think it won’t happen. Boston is much stronger this year than they were last year. Yes, Cleveland is better too but not to the extent that Boston is. Once Marbury gets into better shape and learns the plays and once Tony Allen, Scal and the Big Ticket all get healthy… The NBA will have to stop a freight train by the name of the Boston Celtics.


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