Snuggie Cult Beware!

Have you all seen this infomercial for “The Snuggie”? If you haven’t click on the link below. It looks like a blanket that the Klopecks would wear from the movie The Burbs. Do people really buy these?! There should be a warning for the red one saying “Caution: Wearing this red snuggie will make you look like a Satanist”.  Buy a stinking bathrobe or a sweater for crying out loud…

Check this guy out in the picture below. What do you think he’s eating right there? Goat-flavored popcorn balls? That’s where my money’s at… And what do you think he’s watching on tv? Yep, Slayer in concert…

I’m off to watch the Burbs. “Ray, sleep tight”. One more thing, yes, I’m filing this post under the “Spooks” category for obvious reasons!

Cult snacks! by davitydave.


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