Get On Your Boots Poll!


6 thoughts on “Get On Your Boots Poll!

  1. I cannot express how brutally horrible this song is. What a disappointment/ I actually think Lemon is a better song. If this song is reflective of the CD then I’m NOT buying the CD.

  2. Just remember what you thought of Vertigo, Zooropa, Elevation, etc. the first time you heard those… Give it time!!! It’s different tonally than most of everything they’ve done… Keep an open mind and wait for the WHOLE CD to come out and then judge it in context… “Don’t Be Hasty”(Treebeard)

  3. I liked Vertigo the first time I heard it . . . I was just disappointed since I never heard the highly anticipated mother of all rifts. Zooropa and Elevation are still both better the first listen than Get On Your Boots. As for the rest of the new CD, I guess there’s no where to go but up.

  4. haha DOOM AND GLOOM

    this song has grown on me a bit, but I would still rate it about a 5. Filler song. Hopefully the album is better

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