Scrat : The Movie

PLEASE MAKE IT!… Why the “Ice Age” developers (20th Century) haven’t made a movie with just Scrat in it is a downright shame. Scrat is undeniably one of the greatest digital characters ever. It would be the highest grossing silent-film ever. All you need is the squeeks, grunts, beeps, screams, etc. I went to see The Tale of Desperaux a few days ago (it was okay) and there were a bunch of kids there. They had the new Ice Age 3 trailer before the movie and the kids were rivited and dying laughing watching Scrat for just those few minutes. (The new trailer is awesome and it’s posted just below). Kids love Scrat. Adults love Scrat. The world loves Scrat. I love Scrat. The company obviously knows this fact since they had made mini-movies starring him on their DVD’s of Ice Age and since they place him as the star of all their trailers. Nothing against Sid the sloth and the Wooly Mammoth and the Sabretooth Tiger but SCRAT RULES THEM ALL!


2 thoughts on “Scrat : The Movie

  1. I believe so. But i think they need to just continue to have just scrat the whole time with the current same frustration the whole time, where eventually getting to finally eat the Acorn nut (On the first movie). Then at the end of the first movie, it would show his dream with an island with thousands of nuts like in his deam before. Then having the same as above trying to get to the island fo the second film. Then once he get’sto the islands, for the end of the second, he will find out there are thousands of other sabertoothed guys just like him, then he spends the whole time of chapter 3 defending the island beating up every other one else like in the ninja fish parts HA!

  2. My daughter is almost 2 and she loves the ice age movies..but when scrat comes on she is throwing her head back laughing! She loves scrat and so does my husband and I! They should most deffently make a scrat movie with grunts screams etc.! I bet you would make tons of money esp in theaters! Like they said before kids love scrat toddlers love scrat and so do adults! MAKE A MOVIE!!!

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