A Couple Additions…

If you look just under my “Blog Stats” you’ll see “Currently Reading”. I’ll leave you to guess what that will be used for…

I also have a new page that complements the “Currently Reading” widget. The page (called Book Ratings) will be a place where I will rate books that I have currently read.


One thought on “A Couple Additions…

  1. The Brother’s Karamazov! Do you have the Pevear/Volokhonsky translation? Turn to page 106 (Part I, Book 3, Chapter 3) and read Mitya(Dmitri)’s rant from Schiller’s Eleusinian Festival: “Darkly hid in cave and cleft…”

    A few favorite underlined lines:
    “the truth is hardly ever witty”
    “but to fall in love does not mean to love”

    Best character?:
    Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov

    Best part?:
    Part IV, Book 11, Chapter 3: A Little Demon

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