Just Imagine…

2009 Boston Redsox

C – Jason Varitek

1B – Mark Texieria

2B – Dustin Pedroia

SS – Jed Lowrie

3B – Kevin Youkilis

LF – Jason Bay

CF – Jacoby Ellsbury

RF – JD Drew

DH – David Ortiz

SP Rotation – Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Justin Masterson, Tim Wakefield

Closer – Jonathan Papelbon

Look at what they have… If the Sox sign Texieria they will be the most feared team in baseball. The offense will be unreal if they stay healthy. Pedroia, Youk, Ortiz, Texieria and Bay will provide so much offense it will be SICK. With those three names you have pretty much two potential contenders for batting champions (Pedroia and Youk) one of which can hit 20-30 HR’s (Youk), and three power hitters that can hit 25-40 HR’s each and bat .300+.

If the Sox sign Texieria (and Varitek) and the team stays healthy (especially the starting pitching)… they will win 100+ games this year. Book it. Git er done Theo!!!


8 thoughts on “Just Imagine…

  1. Never liked Tex and Tex at 8 years and $160-$180 million is a mistake. Varitek is a liability and calling games for the Sox pitching staff is overrated. Get a catcher … trade for Teagraden even if Buchholz is in the deal the ake a trade to obtain Peavey from San Diego (this eases the pain of losing Clay and keeps Masterson in the pen) and sign a skilled outfielder since Drew will inevitably get hurt and Boston needs to replace Crisp. Masterson needs to stay in the bullpen. Ortiz is near done … so hard to recoup from his kind of wrist injury. Bring up the kid and stick him at first and wok out his growing pains at the plate … trade Lowell … move Youk to third. I have spoken … let it be done!

  2. Tex will defintely hurt you on the back end, this guy is not worth this kind of money for this long. Free agency in baseball is such a mess.

  3. BoSox outbid! Let Tex go to the Nats or Baltimore or Angels. Use the $ for pitching and a catcher. Make a big push to sign M. Holliday the following season to replace Bay in LF. Holliday will be playing for the A’s for just this year. Make do with Lowell and Youk at 3B and 1B respectively. The following year starters: Ellsbury (CF), Lowrie (SS), Pedroia (2b), Youk (3B), Holliday (LF/DH), Drew (RF), Ortiz (DH), Lars Anderson (1B; Rookie); TBA (Cathcher).

  4. New York Yankees: World Series Champions. You heard it here first. No Playoffs for Boston.

    Yanks sign TEX and are rumored to be interested in Manny!!! … and they already have CC Sabithia, Burnett, A-Rod, Jeter, Posada, Joba Chamberlain, Wang, Cano, a still very effective Mariano Rivera as closer.

  5. So, you think that Tex is the one that has now made the Yanks World Series favorites… But you thought that he would have been a bad signing for Boston… I don’t see the logic. It’s a crushing blow for the Sox to have missed out on him. They now have a huge hole in the middle of their lineup with no one to fill it until next years free agents (Holliday). Think about Boston’s “power” in the 3-4-5 spots… Ortiz, Bay and Drew… Ortiz could be injured for most of the season and Drew hardly ever plays… Tex would have filled that hole big time… What a shame. I agree. The Yanks will win the division and the WS in 2009.

  6. Maybe for the Yankees – with apparently unlimited cash – it’s acceptable to overspend on a very good but NOT elite day-to-day game changer. For teams like Boston, Chicago Cubs, NY Mets (even with so much more money than the rest of the league) it’s TOO MUCH OF A RISK. I never said TEX would not be a nice piece in the Boston line-up. I said that I never liked the player [when he was on Texas, Atlanta (my favorite NL team) or the LA Angels] and that signing him to n 8 year $160 million contract (or more) was insance. The Yanks can afford such a risk. But as Red Sox management stated recently, the Sox have to be more fiscally frugal with their cash.

    Sign Milton Bradley as the 4th outfielder. Sign Smoltz (1-2 year deal) for bullpen duty or 5th starter (sufficient time for Buchholz, Bowden, Bard to mature). Secure Papelbon for the future. Set sights on Holliday, Pujols and/or Mauer in the future at a price that reflects the true talent/character of the player. Keep building the farm system. The Sox have a bright future even though Red Sox Nation will have to endure a very possible Championship for the Yanks.

  7. Brad Penny (30 years old), former LA Dodger would be another decent pitcher if added to the Boston rotation.


    Papelbon (closer)
    H. Okajima
    ***Smoltz (spot starter/bullpen/closer)
    Ramon Ramirez (from Crisp deal with KC)

    Farm: Bowden, Buccholz, Bard, J. Tazawa, Nick Hagadone (recovering from injury)

  8. Sox pick up Penny, Baldelli, Smoltz and looks like Kotsay will return. HEALTH IS THE ISSUE.If the above are healthy, the Sox just might contend for a wild card and at least be in the hunt for the division with the mighty Yanks. Sox just need a catcher.

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