Ryan Star


Ryan Star - rstar.net

It’s about time you meet him. His cd coming out early next year will be one of the top five cd’s of 2009 (U2, JR Richards, Daughtry, and who knows what the other one will be…) 

Book it.

You NEED to hear this guys stuff. It’s UNREAL. I’ve heard three full songs, long samples of two other songs and an acoustic version of another song. ALL of them are incredible. That makes AT LEAST six really solid songs on his album. Nowdays one is hard pressed to find a cd with that many quality songs on it. I have a feeling this one is one for the ages…

Here are some youtube videos with full length versions of a few of them:

This one is called “Last Train Home”:

This one is called “This Could Be The Year”:

This one has long clips of two others of his, “Breathe” and “11:59”:

Alternative Addiction (in their top 20 section) has another one called “Right Now”. The link to the website is at the right of my page (links).

And just in case you’re wondering if he can sing live… Here he is singing “Last Train Home” (solo piano)… unreal… It starts at the 2:25 mark… you’ll have to scroll a little but it’s worth it:


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