Must Have’s – Must Do’s for this Fall

1. Watch “Garfield’s Halloween Adventure”: Especially for the Old Man at the end who is one of the scariest freaks I’ve ever seen (You know what I’m talking about).



2. Read “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving: No, watching the stupid movie with Johnny Depp doesn’t count… READ the Legend. It’s one of the best things you’ll read. Irving is arguably one of the best American authours ever. Priceless material.


3. Eat and Drink Pumpkin!!! During this time of year it seems that the pumpkin flavor is all around. Coffee, pie, muffins, donuts, cheesecake, bread, etc. One thing though… note this well… If you are going to have some pumpkin pie PLEASE do not refer to it as a “good slab of pie”. That phrase should be stricken from all languages for all time.

4. Read some tales by Edgar Allan Poe (The Master). Never mind all of those movies like Saw 15 and Hostel 9. Sit and read Poe… Do it… If you can’t handle reading it then either listen to Christopher Walken reading “The Raven” or Vincent Price telling the “Tell Tale Heart”:

Tell Tale Heart (Part 1)

Tell Tale Heart (Part 2):

The Raven:

5. Carve a Pumpkin, Go on a Hayride, Go for a Foliage Ride, Go Trick or Treating, Visit a Haunted House, Rake Leaves and Jump in Them, etc. The old school fun…

6. Listen to some Zeppelin: Specifically listen to “That’s The Way” and “Ramble On”:

That’s The Way (Live):

Ramble On (Studio):

7. Watch It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown: Classic… Can’t not watch…

8. Watch some of the old Christoper Lee Dracula movies:

9. Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas: Great Stop Animation by Tim Burton:

the nightmare before christmas by I'mInTheMiddleWithJoeJonasCrashingAndFalling.


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