The Freak: Tim Lincecum

***update: since I wrote this Lincecum pitched one game: What did he do? He got a win (now 13-3). Was it an impressive win? Umm, yeah. He only pitched 7.2 innings giving up 3 hits, 1 earned run (lowering his ERA to 2.60) and striking out 10 (now has MLB best 192 K’s).***

I’ve been a Boston Red Sox fan pretty much all my life (still am) and a S. F. Giants fan since 1986 (that was way before Barry Bonds started taking steroids and joining the team in 1993). I remember the sweet team they had (Will Clark, Kevin Mitchell, Robby Thompson, Matt Williams, etc.) when they went up against Oakland in the World Series in 1989. The Giants were swept. I cried. Life went on as it always does (except I had some really painful memories living in my mind).

Now to the present. The Giants are horrible this year. 2nd to last place. They have little to no offense. 462 runs scored [as of 8-16-08] which is second to last (only to Washington) in all of MLB. 

And now the silver lining. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as it were. The Freak. Tim Lincecum.

If you don’t have his rookie card then get on your Ebay horse and giddy up (and then pony up for it with some cold hard cash). You’ll thank me later. He is the real deal. His record is 12-3 with an ERA of 2.67 (2nd best in the NL and 4th best in MLB) and 183 strikeouts (1 behind the MLB leader Sabathia… but Sabathia has pitched 24 more innings than Lincecum). All this and he never ices his arm after he pitches.

Read this article from Sports Illustrated on him. It’s  a good piece. (Link to the article is below the picture).


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